The Art of Patience

Patience ! just a word made up of eight letters many seem to atone to its true meaning many just say it aloud when caught up in a situation while the few really understand its meaning Quite intriguing in character, definition and mannerism call it onomatopoeia the act behind the imagination of creatures similar not … More The Art of Patience

Love & Infatuation!

Love! is it really worth our time and investment? Many a time such a question crosses my mind and I tend to fall a victim of circumstance. Love is characterised by just, openness to each other, trust above all and patience amongst the two lovebirds. Many shall say love isn’t worthwhile the wait..and that’s why … More Love & Infatuation!

The Art Of Silence

Silence! the word has echoed in our ears For many a childhood, it has transfigured Ringing from our elders to passers-by Being numb is worth being loud Many loud mouths have lived to curse What their tongues spat out What their disoriented minds could think of They would blabber without seconding the aftermath Coincidentally, it … More The Art Of Silence

The African Woman

Complexity is her definition Quite a figure to figure out Hopeful as always Giving up never an option Good at her deception Where necessity abides Oh woman! Born of strength and agility Her character undescribed Full of charisma And heartfelt patience Carrying a juvenile on her back Never will you hear her complain of the … More The African Woman

Confidence: Own it!

Not a virtual reality nor a talk-show that you sit back and derive pleasure as you watch and listen to other prospects of human success but rather, a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. An ability to confide within thyself and prove to oneself the true reach of your … More Confidence: Own it!

Leading in Africa: Quite a similarity to the rest of the world!

An art of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage and discipline to enact social influence in the accomplishment of a common task describes leadership. “Reliance on intelligence alone results in weakness, fixation on trust results in folly, dependence on strength results in violence, excessive discipline and sternness in command results in cruelty. When one has all the … More Leading in Africa: Quite a similarity to the rest of the world!