Cherish Life!

cherish life! … More Cherish Life!


Keep it Short!

Long as the tale might be Telling the tale might not need that long Speech is quick and conversational But reading a tale; quite antonymous As interesting as it might be No one has the zeal to read a 1000-wordly story in 10 But one ought to listen in 3 Writing is an art Telling … More Keep it Short!

She’s gone…

​She’s gone… Into the wee hours of the night all I can feel is the torment  Jerking back and forth  cant quite find the rhythm in sleep  A somnambulist in character; somlinoquist in speech. She’s gone.. Awaiting to amend my wrongs  but cant seem to find the right stitches We may grower older; but love … More She’s gone…

Was it worth!

With a blink of an eye,  a tic of the toc,  A cry of fear A drop of a tear A dash of lightning A rambling of thunder  It was all dead and gone! That which was craved for so long So long that it seemed timeless Please wake me up not from this adventure … More Was it worth!

Could it be her?

All this started on that day  She said lets just be friends. Atonement is all I required  The past relationship  quite hard to forget,  The bitter fruit of betrayal.  Raising me by the hand She said, life moves on But I didnt see myself heading anywhere Truth be told  Friends can be quite a torture  … More Could it be her?

The Art of Patience

Patience ! just a word made up of eight letters many seem to atone to its true meaning many just say it aloud when caught up in a situation while the few really understand its meaning Quite intriguing in character, definition and mannerism call it onomatopoeia the act behind the imagination of creatures similar not … More The Art of Patience

The Art Of Silence

Silence! the word has echoed in our ears For many a childhood, it has transfigured Ringing from our elders to passers-by Being numb is worth being loud Many loud mouths have lived to curse What their tongues spat out What their disoriented minds could think of They would blabber without seconding the aftermath Coincidentally, it … More The Art Of Silence

The African Woman

Complexity is her definition Quite a figure to figure out Hopeful as always Giving up never an option Good at her deception Where necessity abides Oh woman! Born of strength and agility Her character undescribed Full of charisma And heartfelt patience Carrying a juvenile on her back Never will you hear her complain of the … More The African Woman