The Cycle of Love

The sky is blue;

A meagre reflection of the waters

In reality the sky takes colour of that which it reflects;

By nightfall; dark

Only to be brightened by the moon light

Gliding across the firmament

As it sets ye forth beyond the horizon.

The cycle of lovešŸ˜‚

First comes the chase

Then rejection along the estranged path

Quietly the inner voice says otherwise

Falling for him; inescapable

Then comes the fairytale merry-go-round

Alas! Marriage it is!

Blessed matrimony!

Many wish for it to be;

But the ugly truth slaps you outta ye dream

The heart break not meant to be;

Follows the cursing;

Singlehood strikes forth

Only for the cycle

Metarmorphically back into existence

Aside I stride;

Under the mistletoe, I stand

the dramatic scene unfolds

A continuous loop in time.


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