Cherish Life!

As I lay on bed listening to the melodious tunes of Mowzey Radio (RIP) I decide to jot down something. One thing I realise is that Mowzey cherished life and graced it along the way. The rhyming chyme in acoustic rhythm of the Goodlyfe tunes tells only one tale.

Cherish Life

Life starts with the conception

An egg fusion with the sperm

A zygote formed; A baby;

nine months out of the mother’s womb

Letting that benevolent cry

As the new kid is ushered unto the new world

Innocent as it is

Yet to face the cruelty of this world

Grown unto a masculine figure

Or a feminine piece of art

Whatever the outcome

Counter measures decide your fate

Life is not written down like a script

This is not a reality show

Rather the real in reality comes to life

Forget the cinematic plot

What you write on the board

Defines your next move tomorrow

Deciding to cherish and enjoying life

Is but a choice; for the strong willed

The faint hearted always playing it safe

Taking that step doesnt require a push

It reigns within you

Its a matter of figuring out your trigger

Unlock the endless opportunities

The motherland has to offer

Lest you sulk on the desk

Awaiting the next move in your life

Be decided by the few you claimed

To trust; the stab in the back;

Quite unbearable.

Cherish life

Have fun, for none knows

The time, hour, minute nor second

Am out.


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