The two sides of life

What many claim as grief and suffering

Some see it as a benevolent trial

What many claim a success

Just a stepping stone for the successful

As i strode the lane after that sumptuous lunch meal

Across the street, sat a lady, a child in one arm 

A basin of paw paws in the other

Stricken with grief but happiness written on her face

Hopeful that a passer-by will grant her a wish

Buying atleast one paw paw to least sum up the day’s hardwork 

Across the lane sat a gloomy face complaining of the minimum sales he had that day

The lady sat joyous; not lamenting

But the one who had atleast a sale was gloomy

Life teaches us a lesson everyday

The question lies amongst us

Did you understand the lesson or 

Did you let it slip and slide through?

What many crave for

Some already have 

Some outgrew the need

Appreciate life in the small pennies

For once the notes start flying in

There is no turning back


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