Friendship; what is it?

Does friendship mean something to you?

Or does it simply lay like stagnant water?

when the sun is at zenith, it shall dry up

but for the hard pans that crack the ground

A friend in need is a friend indeed; 

Does it really mean a grain to you?

a stone that the builder refused,

cast aside when you become relentlessly unworthy 

We have seen the true colour of friends when in jeopardy 

the pretence relaid in foolhardy, 

Great and poetic acts; they acclaim to be your best friend

yet in reality they are but a bunch of clowns 

waiting to frown in dismay at the loss of joyous times 

stabbing you in the back when fallen

yet sing hymns of praise at the banquet

Be wise; heed ye the knowledge; 

Fall not into the trap of doubtful Thomases when in great need.

Choose dearly for when in grief

They lead you through  


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