She’s gone…

She’s gone…

Into the wee hours of the night

all I can feel is the torment 

Jerking back and forth 

cant quite find the rhythm in sleep 

A somnambulist in character;

somlinoquist in speech.

She’s gone..

Awaiting to amend my wrongs 

but cant seem to find the right stitches

We may grower older; but love never departs with age

it is rekindled with every joyous laughter we share;

no more joy; for the well articulated frowns shape my face auspiciously

All that is left; a memory fragment of the life we had; 

She’s gone…

Time trickles, seconds never replaced 

Treating her wrong; not an argument

A hope of prizing her heart once more, only she holds the answer to that

She’s gone… 


2 thoughts on “She’s gone…

  1. You know, this piece makes you sound like the deep thinking poet I never thought you were Phocus!
    It really is a nice one. Am checking out the others you’ve written soon


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