Quitting! Not an option

A world without competition is but a sphere,

no starting point nor ending.

A point where no one is ambition for tomorrow.

A tale only a bird can rhyme in the woods,

no nightingales to join the rhythm.

A place where no man dare lie,

only sorrow and grief adjoined.

Competition is healthy

or rather the brain would be at rest all day.

A world where many the poor and rich alike

strive for the next crumb of bread,

for tomorrow lies a tale no man can tell.

Quitting is never an option my dear compatriots

For the chariot horses that dare not walk against their wish

would fall victim to the rider’s whip.

Seeing the drop of your sweat cling onto your skin

Under the scorching sun, is a sign that bears success

For Rome wasn’t built in a day neither

Fame comes at a cost of popularity

the tale of success obliges to this theory,

the end result of hard work

persistence and patience

resilience and optimism.

the fruits are too sweet to spit

Quitting is never an option dear Compatriot!




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