Could it be her?

All this started on that day 

She said lets just be friends.

Atonement is all I required 

The past relationship  quite hard to forget, 

The bitter fruit of betrayal. 

Raising me by the hand

She said, life moves on

But I didnt see myself heading anywhere

Truth be told 

Friends can be quite a torture 

Or a blessing in disguise 

I pen this down, a tear at the corner of my eye 

Did she really close the chapter behind us!

Betrayal can be sweet in the eyes of the agoniser 

But rough in the heart of the innocent fool who thought he but had her heart

Today, relationships are moulded like an egg 

incubated for 21 days, hatched into a chick

Flourished into a beautiful hen or rather a cock 

Only to be slayed on that pitiful day when the farmer sees it right for celebration

The poor life cycle of poultry!

All in but a nutshell 

another seed sown in the ground!

A fruit of love bossoms!

Was her that I met on this day 

Kind, gentle and loving, 

I figured it out maybe she is here to calm my sorrows 

Friendzone would be all I could hope for

Alas! My brother, its good to have faith at times,

For feelings can not be held back for that long!

She might be waiting to profess 

Yet the energy she has not

Wanting to cuddle you

But the confidence within her questioning 

What would be his reply!

As you seat languishing in agony 

Of the spilled milk

Lamenting of the slayed bird

She awaits, but not for long 

Signs and symptoms do appear 

But are later diagnosed by the pill

And that aliment is gone!

My brother all I can say

Move forward 

For the river has never flowed backwards 

And so does the will of love!!


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