Be true to oneself

Many people look for who to blame and are not ready to shoulder their wrongs. They always look for that loophole and want to explore it by putting the truth aside. They keep saying it was his or her fault. Sometimes, all that is required is to be true to yourself and accept that it was your fault something is not right. But, this doesn’t give someone the audacity to linger and play with someone’s wrongdoing lest they feel out of this world resulting into psychological torture.


It is not always that which you perceive to be true, is true, but rather the little ignored that is true. The wise say if your left eye is keeping you from seeing the gates of Heaven, cut it out. Literally, meaning everything might be right but one wrong ignored keeps you from success. People tend to be maligned to only the bad people do, and ignore the little right one has done. That is not being true to oneself rather hypocritically relying on the failure of some one so as to justify your wrongs, and this is where people go wrong. They always murmur..hehe, atleast he did worse than me…am somewhere.

My friend, you are utterly misguided in your misconception perhaps living a lie. Mea culpa, the latin word for am sorry, relieves the soul by being admissive to your faults and finding the way forward. Otherwise blaming someone else for your mishaps is a shame to the folk,
if that is the world you live in, you have to shake it off and BE TRUE TO ONESELF!


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