The Art of Patience

Patience !
just a word made up of eight letters
many seem to atone to its true meaning
many just say it aloud
when caught up in a situation
while the few really understand its meaning
Quite intriguing in character,
definition and mannerism
call it onomatopoeia
the act behind the imagination of creatures similar not alike
the hidden art!
Quite inquisitive
sensitivity at peak
yet it is all but a word
the feeling attached to it; enormous
but the true aspect lies at heart
the willingness to sacrifice your time
hesistation defied
the ability to rely on your conscience
to make that quick decision
or stall abit
why the rush
the question rings in your mind
but why be slow
the mind, quite untrustworthy
yet it is what you rely on
for that final decision
Balance is all that you require now
but how to achieve it
the misconception torments you
arising from the shadows
plan B
probably the fastest way out of your current dome
patience; a true virtue in positivity
for to achieve the great feast
you must have harvested large
a grand harvest requires careful till of the land
which requires a master plan
all summarised in one word
a true virtue of success
lest we be born with bachelor degrees;
quite the impossibility
for greatness in life is achieved
through hardwork and patience
for the end of the tunnel appears a bright light
whilst having conquered the unnecessary time bombs
wars are won under patience
for the commanding officer awaits for his moment to launch the attack
and for the losers
many are quite the proof of being impatient in life
Heed ye to the rule of life
for with patience you are knitting your path to success!


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