Love & Infatuation!

Love! is it really worth our time and investment? Many a time such a question crosses my mind and I tend to fall a victim of circumstance.

Love is characterised by just, openness to each other, trust above all and patience amongst the two lovebirds. Many shall say love isn’t worthwhile the wait..and that’s why very often love becomes the misguided conception,Infatuation.

Many a youth today have fallen victim to this term infatuation that they ought to call love. That is why the school drop-out level in Tanzania is hikening by the sun rise, upon discovering early unwanted pregnancies and the rise in Sexually transmitted diseases rendering the many inelligible for further studies.

My tender request to the youth in this era, why harvest what you didn’t sow? Well though art shall not control thy lust, lest you use protection with utter care as we curve the futures of the next generation, the innocent toddlers yet to come.

Our fore fathers,had they not tilled the land with outmost care and protection, our existence would be but an imagination. Is it love? Is it infatuation? or is it sheer will to harvest the lands you did not work for? let the wise heed to the calling.


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