Tighten Your Grip !

Every word has an antonym

For love there is hate

For hard work there is laziness

For beauty, the ugly

For the wise, the dumb

The list is endless

But for one word


For success the believed antonym is failure

But failure doesn’t exist unless you create space for it

Why fail in life?

Failure is as a result of giving up on your dream

Life is about succeeding

And many blame their failures on life

Before appealing for failure

Question yourself, how many times have I tried?

Many and you still haven’t succeeded

My friend you haven’t tried

Try and keep on trying

Life is not served on a silver platter

The roots of life are quite sour

But once the tree starts to bear fruit

The sweetest thing you’ll ever taste

Trust in oneself

Don’t let them haters hold you back

For discouragement there is encouragement

For every trial there is a result

Giving up is never an option

The many you look up to started from the bottom

Now you want to rise up to them and claim their wealth

No that’s not the way of life

Appreciate life and work harder

For even the richest men are not sleeping

It’s a competitive world we live in

Struggle for a bright future!

Tighten that grip!


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