The Art Of Silence

Silence! the word has echoed in our ears

For many a childhood, it has transfigured

Ringing from our elders to passers-by

Being numb is worth being loud

Many loud mouths have lived to curse

What their tongues spat out

What their disoriented minds could think of

They would blabber without seconding the aftermath

Coincidentally, it might be sense

But reality proves it all

The larger percentage is nonsense

Sheer will to satisfy one’s ego

Not foreseeing the effects of their remarks

Only to blame oneself

Had I known! Head down!

It’s a calculative world we live in

The few are the silent, performing actions

But the many are chatter beaks

Spreading hearsay as though they were created for that

Quite a speech Sir, but what do we learn from it?

Is it worth listening to?

Or is it time wasting?

The great philosophers spoke less

But once a saying came out from the horse’s mouth

Rhyming with the events of Mother Nature is quite the scene

Fear the silent

For you know not what is going through their minds

But for the blabber heads

They will stop at cursing

One’s intelligence quotient is calculated with that comes out of one

Nonsensical arguments will be hard from the weak in mind

But the greats with a future shall always stamp on the un-enlightened

For an idea a weak mind blabbers

A creative and better idea arises from the silent listener

Seated at the farthest seat of the table

Then one ends up with the saying

That was my idea!

But you gave it away the moment you decided to think with your tongue

And not your brain!

Listen! Think! Act! Speak!

Speech is silvery but Silence shall always be golden!


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