Personality! Its yours

What is personality?

Is it what you say?

Or is it what they say about you

How would you describe it?

Is it what you look like?

Or is what you dress

Queer all this acclaim to but one word;


Well here is an inquisition

How often do you talk about the successful?

And how often do people even think about you

Well you maybe thought of

Question is, what are people thinking about you

Is it the good or the bad

Are you the town’s laughing stock

Or the pride of the town?

Many a youth spend their time on the social media

Commenting uselessly on the success of the few

Yet not an inch of their future is written in pencil

Quite a shame where the youth are headed

Life is not written on paper

Its lived

Get a life

Let your personality speak out

Let it be positive not negative

Certainly life is not a highway

Where there isn’t traffic

Life is a bumpy murram road with traffic

Think inquisitively

And act accordingly !


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