The African Woman

Complexity is her definition

Quite a figure to figure out

Hopeful as always

Giving up never an option

Good at her deception

Where necessity abides

Oh woman!

Born of strength and agility

Her character undescribed

Full of charisma

And heartfelt patience

Carrying a juvenile on her back

Never will you hear her complain of the burden

With the atrocities of the juvenile

Oh woman!

Quite patient with the abuse

Of the drunkard she calls husband

Never will she let him starve

An obligation of the wife

To live with a purpose

And not for a purpose

Charitable defines this daughter of Eve

Oh woman!

Waking up early with the first crow

To ready her children for school

Always preparing meals on time

Mindless of her tiring activities

Sacrifice says it all

What more can be done than said?

Oh woman!

Heed yeh!

And respect the African woman

For you don’t get to play

Second fiddle with life

Cherish every moment you live with her

For that every day that passes

Your time with her is truly ticking away

Blessed be the African Woman!


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