The Two Sides of Humanity!

imagesCAQ4M86LDo you know the difference between being a human and being humane?

Humanity, is it truly worth saving?

people are like pennies two faced and worthless

We humans stroll the earth as though we own it

But do we?

Yesterday  the past; history

Today the present; live it

Tomorrow the future; be hopeful

Homosapiens are we truly this ungrateful?

How many of us bend a knee to thank the Almighty?

How many  hours do you sacrifice for the Lord?

Many shall have excuses; buts;

Why do we alter what He created and own it?

Youth; always wanting front row seat in the world’s activities

But always at the back-row seat while in church.

Adults; we have work to do

Why do we forget who gave this all to us?

Are we truly thoughtful of redemption or demise?

The ungrateful side of Adam’s childrenimagesCALY3VH5

How quick we are to forget those who put us where we are now

During the struggle you would lay low and seek advice and help

But now that you’ve achieved you shut all doors that led you through

Quite true! Despicable man

The question is did attend school or just went to school?

Did I get schooled or did I get educated?

The wise will understand and heed to the nature’s calling

But the arrogant and laissez faire; I believe will learn a lesson.

You don’t need a tutor to tell you what to think

Be calculative of what you utter for surely the tongue is a co-creator

“Reputation is priceless but trust is worth earning”

Grieve not you worthless human for there is

But still time to change your ways

And live with a purpose not for a purpose

Be relentless and appreciate nature

And for what it’s worth you’ll surely be worthy

Think hard create more live healthy


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