the law!

A set of rules governing the wellbeing of humans,

without law there is no order,

without order there is no peace,

without peace all that transfigures 

law at hand
law at hand

a catastrophic era of wars and destruction

A virtual tool in the prospect of humanity

which queries the meaning of human kind.

What is humanity?

Humanity exists because there was order  

the order created humankind last

To govern, maintain and protect creation.

How do you protect creation without law?

Law travels back to the story of creation

where the Lord God forbade Adam and Eve

from eating a fruit from the forbidden tree.

Disobedience of the law was faced by

a consequential exodus from paradise; Eden.

Then what do you term yourself?

You lazy nincompoop,

are you worth much more than our forefathers

Moses and his predecessors who strived in respect of the Ten Commandments?

The sophisticated homosapiens era

where many a man strives hard to bend a law

and disobey it at all costs has resulted into many an atrocity.

Many have been locked up

correction centres flooded

with the worthless uncouth youth

of the present generation 

the aftermath of uncalculated risk and

failure to adapt to just but a word; the law.

Violation of the law is but an action of human conscience negligence.

“Ignorantia legis neminem excusat.”


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