Cherish Life!

cherish life! … More Cherish Life!


Keep it Short!

Long as the tale might be Telling the tale might not need that long Speech is quick and conversational But reading a tale; quite antonymous As interesting as it might be No one has the zeal to read a 1000-wordly story in 10 But one ought to listen in 3 Writing is an art Telling … More Keep it Short!

She’s gone…

​She’s gone… Into the wee hours of the night all I can feel is the torment  Jerking back and forth  cant quite find the rhythm in sleep  A somnambulist in character; somlinoquist in speech. She’s gone.. Awaiting to amend my wrongs  but cant seem to find the right stitches We may grower older; but love … More She’s gone…

Was it worth!

With a blink of an eye,  a tic of the toc,  A cry of fear A drop of a tear A dash of lightning A rambling of thunder  It was all dead and gone! That which was craved for so long So long that it seemed timeless Please wake me up not from this adventure … More Was it worth!

Could it be her?

All this started on that day  She said lets just be friends. Atonement is all I required  The past relationship  quite hard to forget,  The bitter fruit of betrayal.  Raising me by the hand She said, life moves on But I didnt see myself heading anywhere Truth be told  Friends can be quite a torture  … More Could it be her?